Why Hire a Digital Marketer

Something I hear a lot is small business owners trying to save $$ handling digital marketing themselves whether it be building their own website on a basic template program or managing their own Google Ads.
There are many considerations to be made that will impede the results your business can yield digitally when you decide to forgo the help of an expert. Here are a couple:
1️⃣ Your website will cost you more in the long run: building a basic templated site may tide you over for the time being, but you will soon outgrow the basic design and limitations on marketing that will be the real source of ROI for your site. Meaning, you’ll have to spend more time and money down the line.
2️⃣ It’s unlikely you can yield as good of results as an expert can: when it comes to PPC advertising (Google, Facebook or similar advertising) many don’t understand the factors that impact the quality score of your advertisements, affecting the way they perform and how much each click costs you (CPC) meaning you’re getting LESS results for MORE $$
3️⃣ There’s a reason digital marketers don’t build their own homes: digital marketing is a profession in itself requiring education, continuous learning, and a very well developed understanding of how each platform interacts with each other in the digital world. There’s a reason we digital marketers don’t try and build our own homes, wire our own electrical, or any other number of things we aren’t experts in. Truth is, if you want the job done right, find a professional digital marketer you can trust.
Consider the costs associated with digital marketing help and the value of a solid lead for your business. If we can’t prove the investment is worth it for your business, we won’t move ahead.

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