Introduction to Natasha and SHOUT Marketing

Thanks for visiting my website and connecting with me! I have officially taken the leap into the unknown (scary!) that is starting my own business. I can honestly tell you this was NOT in my plans for 2017 .. but hey, that’s life. I wanted to quickly share a bit about my experience so you feel comfortable with the idea of me personally helping you build your business.

Seven years ago I started out working at a mortgage brokerage and found myself as the ‘office all-arounder’. That position led me to make some amazing connections with a fabulous family, the Schills, and I evidently went on to work as an Account Manager in insurance for somewhere around 3 years while beginning my education in business with a focus in marketing. I have always LOVED interacting with clients and I really thrived in insurance but I had this real passion for learning and the feeling that I wanted to experience it overseas.

Fast forward a year and I was in Australia, completing my Bachelor’s and picking up every marketing project, contract, and business development role I could find. I had the most amazing experience studying and working for some great companies where I came into my own as a marketer while maintaining that focus on great customer service.

I finished off my degree and remained in Australia for almost one additional year working for the university in their marketing and communications department soaking up everything I could before I hopped on a plane back to Canada. All in all I spent 3.5 years down under, and boy do I have some stories!

That brings me to 2017 when I landed back on Canadian soil, eager and excited to make a name for myself in the marketing game. I made Kelowna my home base and started working as a Brand and Marketing Manager for a local contracting company on a 5 month project to re-brand and relaunch their online and traditional marketing efforts.

Annnnddddd here we are, October 2017 and I am jumping into the unknown. Why? In countless positions over the years I have worked alongside marketing agencies that really talk the talk. Their look is flashy, their website is captivating, and each one of them are considered ‘big dogs’ in the realm of marketing. But I found myself constantly thinking that small businesses must hate dealing with these big agencies that have big agendas and aren’t really listening to the needs and wants of the mom and pop shop down the block with small marketing budgets.

That’s where the light bulb turned on and I realized that personal touch was missing, and I could be the one to provide it. After all, I have spent years working in various marketing, sales and business development roles and I love working with customers to help them make the most of their dollars, so why not?

If you’re a small to medium business owner and you’re looking for some honest, affordable help with marketing, I can help. Please don’t hesitate to drop me a message, let’s get started!

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