Digital Marketing for Small Business

I find myself consistently having conversations with small business owners wondering if digital marketing is worth the investment. It can be scary investing upwards of $500 a month into the unknown but I always say yes.

The question you really need to ask yourself is: do you want more business? If the answer is yes (which I assume it is!) then yes, investing in digital marketing is right for you. Depending on your specific goals there a number of services to choose from when it comes to your digital strategy. I often tell small business owners that they don’t need to do everything, but rather need to focus on the services that will yield them the type of results they’re looking for.

So, what are your goals? Are you a new business that is looking to grow your brand recognition? Are you an established business that wants to reach new markets? Are you looking to increase the flow of leads you receive through your website? Maybe you’re trying to launch a new product line. Whatever you answered yes to, there’s a digital solution for you.

My favourite thing about digital marketing and why I transitioned into focusing solely on this area is because of ROI. Yes, you can and will actually receive a quantifiable ROI when you invest in digital. If you’re tired of aimlessly throwing money at a marketing strategy without hard numbers, I get it. My goal in working with fellow small business owners is to educate you on what to look for when it comes to digital marketing results.

Here’s the thing, I don’t want you to be left in the dark. By working together we can create a solution that works within your budget and achieve exactly what you’re looking for. The best part is, I will take the time to fully explain every step to you so you understand exactly where your dollars are going.

So don’t worry about diving into the unknown when it comes to digital marketing for your small business, by the time you hit the water I’ll ensure you know everything you need to and more.


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