How to Survive Covid-19: A Marketer’s Perspective

These are interesting times to say the least. I am coming to you from my living room while my 1 year old plays in front of me; the realities of working from home during COVID-19.

Recent events have put a massive strain on businesses both small and large. This pandemic and its effect on our health and way of life is unprecedented. Many business owners have been forced to lay off staff and close their doors. This week my perspective on the work we do for clients has really evolved.

When the economy is hit hard (for any reason), small business owners suffer. But, one thing is for sure, at some point, we’ll be returning to our ‘regular’ day to day lives and business. So, how do we survive COVID-19 so that we actually have a businesses for ourselves and our employees to return to weeks (or months) from now? This is the million dollar question.

From a marketer’s perspective, we are faced with a truly unique time in the history of our businesses. Right now, we have the opportunity to differentiate in numerous ways from our competition. Everything we do as digital marketer’s (or marketers in general) is to tell the story of a company/brand through various marketing channels. This includes their unique value and/or selling proposition. Right now, our community’s eyes are on us more than ever. Our existing and potential customers are watching how we handle this situation, and we have the opportunity to leverage our audience in a special way.

Now, more than ever, people are realising that small businesses are the backbone of our communities. And, as small business owners we are in the position to make decisions that can positively impact our neighbours. Marketing your business appropriately in times such as this COVID-19 pandemic is crucial; it’s not the time to cut your marketing spend. When this is all over and we’re back to business as usual, our communities will remember the businesses who closed their doors early to protect the healthy and safety of their staff and customers. They’ll remember the company who put out free toilet paper, and the company who stepped up to support other small businesses however they could. They’ll remember the company who put people before profit.

So, from a marketer’s perspective, I encourage you to think about a couple of key things during this time.

-How can you help support your business network and community?
-How can you refocus your marketing efforts on how you position yourself in your market?
-Do you have a marketing strategy for when COVID-19 lockdown is over? Your competitors will be fighting for your customers more than ever

Remember, now is a time to strategise, not panic. Times are hard, and they’ll likely get even harder for a while. But, our communities are relying on us to bounce back and we need strong marketing strategies in place to do that. So, use this time to think on the couple items I mentioned above and put a plan into place. If you need assistance with marketing strategy, I highly recommend Ashley at Streamline Strategies. If you need assistance with digital marketing implementation, SHOUT is offering some specials to small businesses affected by COVID-19 so get in contact.

Remember, we’re all in this together and the actions we take as business owners has a direct effect on our economy. So, how will you respond?

Natasha Chilcott
President & CEO
SHOUT Marketing Inc.

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