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Marketing in a Recession: How to Survive a Market Downturn

Even before COVID-19 there were many predictions of an upcoming recession, but the pandemic has largely cemented the likelihood. Plus, it’s just economics, a recession will eventually happen. Although I do not know when exactly it will happen, I think we can agree that consumer behaviours have already changed with the rise in interest rates,

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A New Outlook on Marketing During Covid-19

Have you found yourself going down the dark COVID-19 business owner spiral? I sure have. Last week I was ALL doom and gloom. “This virus is taking down my business day by day.”“There’s no cash flow, I’m going to lose everything.”“No one is going to come on board as a client for the foreseeable future.”“All

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How to Survive Covid-19: A Marketer’s Perspective

These are interesting times to say the least. I am coming to you from my living room while my 1 year old plays in front of me; the realities of working from home during COVID-19. Recent events have put a massive strain on businesses both small and large. This pandemic and its effect on our

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Why Hire a Digital Marketer

Something I hear a lot is small business owners trying to save $$ handling digital marketing themselves whether it be building their own website on a basic template program or managing their own Google Ads.   There are many considerations to be made that will impede the results your business can yield digitally when you

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Digital Marketing for Small Business

I find myself consistently having conversations with small business owners wondering if digital marketing is worth the investment. It can be scary investing upwards of $500 a month into the unknown but I always say yes. The question you really need to ask yourself is: do you want more business? If the answer is yes

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Growing Your Instagram Following

Most companies have jumped on the Instagram train because they’ve seen the attention someone else’s business has received and thought “hey, I should be on Instagram too!” Trouble is, there’s much more to Instagram than the average business owner realizes and next thing you know, you’ve been sitting at 120 followers for the past 6

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